Motsi Mabuse says "only God knows" if she will have any more children.

Motsi Mabuse doesn't know if she will have any more children

Motsi Mabuse doesn't know if she will have any more children

The 42-year-old 'Strictly Come Dancing' star became mum to a daughter - whose name she keeps private - with her husband Evgenij Voznyuk back in 2018 and she's now revealed she has no idea whether she will ever become a mum again, but she's happy being a family of three.

When asked if she plans to expand her family, Motsi told OK! magazine: "Only God knows ... We are happy that we have the three of us. We are a tiny, close-knit family. Every day with our daughter feels like a gift and we are so in love with each other."

She added of her little girl: "It might be overloading telling her I love her, telling her how special she is, but I know what the world is and I’m hoping my voice will stay when all the other influences come in life."

However, Motsi admitted she's very excited about becoming an aunt as her sister Oti is currently pregnant with her first child.

She added: "The whole family is really excited because the last baby we had is five already. My family loves family … We’re really excited about the baby."

Oti 's baby will be her first with husband Marius Iepure, and she recently admitted he's been a huge support throughout her pregnancy.

She told Hello! magazine: "Right now, there are certain things I can't lift, I can't go down, I haven't seen my knees in like two months. There are certain things that I physically can't do, and he's been absolutely amazing at stepping up and just taking that role.

"So, for my relationship, it works pretty well. I’m not complaining. We communicate freely without judgment, and we're both ready to take on chores.

"This is something that we established very early on in our relationship, that everything is 50/50."