Phoebe Dynevor's 'Coronation Street' star mum Sally Dynevor told her to "just enjoy" her success when 'Bridgerton' became a huge streaming hit.

Phoebe Dynevor for ELLE

Phoebe Dynevor for ELLE

The 28-year-old actress' career was launched into the stratosphere thanks to her role as Daphne Basset, Duchess of Hastings, in the Netflix period drama.

Luckily, Phoebe's mother Sally, 60, is used to fame due to her role as Sally Metcalfe in 'Corrie' - a role she has played on the ITV soap since 1986 - and was able to offer her daughter some words of wisdom on how to cope with her newfound celebrity status.

Speaking to ELLE UK - for which she was photographed by Rosaline Shahnavaz - Phoebe said: " My mum’s best advice has been to just enjoy it all. There was a certain point with 'Bridgerton' where I was over-analysing everything and my mum told me to just embrace it all, and not to be terrified of it. Fame doesn’t do great things to people in the public eye - particularly men! She’s really helped me navigate it all.”

Phoebe comes from an acting family, as her grandmother Shirley Dynevor was a theatre and television actress and her dad Tim Dynevor is an actor-and-screenwriter.

The 'Fair Play' star can remember visiting the set of 'Coronation Street' - on which her grandmother Shirley worked as a stage manager for 15 years - as a child and her mum Sally inviting her castmates back to the family home.

She said: "I grew up outside of Manchester. My grandma was an actress, as well as my dad and my mum. So I’ve been surrounded by creativity from day one. When I was younger, we would go on set (of 'Coronation Street') a lot, and I got used to seeing people from TV come to our house. I was in awe of it all and loved seeing the family that people built on set and how everyone worked in very different jobs to create something.”

Although Phoebe is now used to being a celebrity, she insists she is much happier being at home rather than on the red carpet because she is a "real hermit".

She said: "Day to day I’m very low key though. I’m happiest at home in my tracksuit and I never leave my neighbourhood in North London. I have my little coffee place that I go to every day and I read and I’m a real hermit!"

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