Dr Zoe Williams suffered a cancer scare earlier this year.

Dr Zoe Williams

Dr Zoe Williams

The 40-year-old physician - who is the resident doctor on 'This Morning' - is set to star on 'The Real Full Monty on Ice' to raise awareness of cancers, and she's admitted to suffering a health scare of her own in recent months.

She shared: "My grandmother and my auntie both died of bowel cancer.

"I had a bowel cancer scare myself this year, but luckily everything is fine."

Dr Zoe initially delayed going to see her GP about her fears, even though her symptoms were "unusual".

She explained on 'This Morning': "I did put it off for a while, because my symptoms were a change in bowel habit - I was getting up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, which is very unusual."

The TV star - who is set to appear alongside 'Love Island's Shaughna Phillips and actress Hayley Tamaddon on 'The Real Full Monty' - finally decided to act after noticing blood in her stool.

But thankfully, she was eventually given the all-clear after undergoing a series of tests.

Recalling her cancer scare, Dr Zoe said: "I was keeping an eye on it, but obviously this year - with everything that's gone on - it could have been down to stress, it could have been down to so many things. So I did put it off but I was kind of monitoring it. But on one occasion, I had some blood in the stool as well, so that was my trigger.

"Straight away, I rang up my GP, booked an appointment, got referred, had the tests - which weren't very pleasant - but found out that everything was OK."

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