NOTE: There will be discussion of events that happened in Season 3, Episode 6 of the series, so be warned, spoilers ahead!

Can Soldier Boy's original team survive his thirst for revenge? / Picture Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video
Can Soldier Boy's original team survive his thirst for revenge? / Picture Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video

A little under two weeks ago, I had never watched a single episode of The Boys. Then, following what I would say was one of the best recommendations of all time from a relative, I binged the entirety of the first two seasons in a week. Jumping into the five episodes of the third season that were available, I had a thirst for more. The series was undoubtedly one of the best television shows I had ever seen and, Episode 6 of Season 3 continues to back up that claim.

Exactly how the crew sow everything together so finely, whilst juggling so many moving pieces, is something that will never not impress me. That’s never been more apparent than it is with this new episode, Herogasm. Something that long-term fans of the source material have been patiently waiting for, it is an hour-or-so of utter chaos, laughs, thrills and of course, raw emotion.

The titular event is a real feast for the eyes – if you’re into that sort of thing. There will absolutely be people who are offended. Some will turn off the show and refuse to come back. Others will applaud the lengths gone to by showrunner Eric Kripke and the rest of the team, to ensure that the vibe given in the original comic books is emulated on screen. One thing’s for sure; if you thought you were completely desensitised to hardcore content on TV, this will push you to your very limits and test that notion to the extreme.

What Kripke has also managed to do with the episode, is ensure that the narrative is pushed along heartily. It’s not just an hour of novelty TV to deliver fan service. There is some of that, sure, but there’s also a lot of foundation-laying for what will be some of the season’s most memorable upcoming final two offerings, before that long wait for Season 4.

Away from the sexscapades of the Supes at Herogasm, we see Kimiko kidnapped from the hospital, before being taken and tied to a chair alongside Frenchie’s old friend, Cherie. Putting them both in front of a clearly-distressed and heavily-beaten Frenchie, Russian drug dealer and mob boss Little Nina tells him that he must choose one to die, or she will kill both in front of him before ending his life. Despite not having her powers, Kimiko still finds the strength to save the man she calls her family, but comes to realise that she misses the effects of Compound V and the abilities it afforded her, allowing her to protect those she loves.

Starlight struggles with the weight of responsibility she feels / Picture Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video
Starlight struggles with the weight of responsibility she feels / Picture Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video

We also watch a very intense confrontation between congresswoman Victoria Neuman and Starlight. Neuman knows that Annie and Hughie are aware of her head-popping talents, but wants to offer them her help in exchange for making the country a better place. Fed up of being dangled on a string by everybody who comes into her life, Annie politely tells her to “either pop my head or get the hell out”. Thankfully, Neuman chose the latter option, but it’s clear the wheels are still turning and she has some lofty ambitions.

Claudia Doumit is such an incredible actress, who has really brought Neuman to life in the best possible way. Fans were initially excited to see a politician standing up for the values of humanity and so, when we got the reveal that she herself was a Supe at the end of Season 2, and one who wasn’t afraid to murder people to get ahead and push her own agenda, there was a sense of betrayal. Unafraid to keep crossing the line, we’re sure that’s something she’s going to continue doing moving forward.

Then there's the repercussions that Blue Hawk faced after attacking a group of Black people at a community event, after he gave a faux apology for disproportionately targeting them over everybody else in the local area. A-Train followed up a genuine apology to Hughie, by delivering a point-blank dose of vigilante justice to his fellow Supe. With that, however, came a cliffhanger moment that left him facing another heart attack; but this time alone, in the dirt.

With relationships facing bigger obstacles than ever before, the Boys questioning one another’s loyalties and of course, that battle sequence that brought Herogasm to a dramatic conclusion, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was the season finale, but don’t worry! There’s still two more episodes to go. Fingers crossed they are just as epic.

The Boys continues with a new episode each Friday, exclusive to Prime Video on Amazon, with the Season 3 finale set to debut on July 8th, 2022.

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