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We speak to Martha Howe-Douglas about hilarious series Yonderland, and her role in the show with people she's worked alongside for six years.

What can you tell us about 'Yonderland' for those of us who may not have seen it?

It is a fantasy comedy with live action and puppets.

Tell us about your character and the role they play.

I play "Debbie Maddox", a mum of twins who one day, after taking the kids to school, opens her kitchen cupboard to find an Elf in there. He tells her she is The Chosen One who must travel with him to Yonderland to save it from the dark forces who are trying to claim it.

Who should this show appeal to?

We set about writing a show that would make us laugh and, in doing so, hopefully have appealed to kids and adults alike.

Where did the idea for the show come from?

In its original form, the idea was Ben and Mat's, and I believe they were thinking of it being a film. However, with all 6 of us wanting to continue working together after Horrible Histories, we decide to develop it into a series, partly because it meant we would be employed longer!

How was working with puppets as well as actors?

It was all very new for me, and the thing that struck me the most was how long it would take to block scenes. Working out how to manoeuvre round the puppeteers, who are obviously out of shot, was one of the trickiest parts. Often, you'd be acting with a couple of puppeteers tangled up at your feet! However, we had some of the best working with us, so we very lucky in that respect.

How does the experience of working on this show compare to other projects you've done?

Personally, I found it quite daunting. Suddenly, we were no longer actors hired to do a job - this was our project - and I worried about how it would be received, particularly as it was very different to anything on tv at the moment. Also, for me, taking on the lead was a responsibility that definitely came with a pressure, as I didn't want to let the boys down.

What was the chemistry like on set?

We have worked together for 6 years now, so there is no issue with chemistry. We all get on brilliantly and have such a laugh on set. It can be difficult to get through certain scenes, especially when we're all together.

Do you have any further upcoming projects you can tell us about?

We are currently in York, filming a feature called "Bill", which Ben and Larry have written for the 6 of us. It is about William Shakespeare's years prior to becoming a writer, and is in no way factual!

Yonderland is available on DVD from the 17th February.

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