It is well-known Brits are becoming more health focussed and food savvy when it comes to dining habits and lifestyle. Introducing The Happy Pear – founded in Ireland in 2004 by twin brothers David and Stephen Flynn, the ‘happy pair’ are not only well-known wholefood and plant-based chefs, award-winning and bestselling authors, but also successful YouTube stars. The duo are now on their way to the UK to make their stamp on the ever-growing vegan offering, with an aim to share their healthy food and encourage healthy eating (their motto: eat more veg!) and a healthy lifestyle.

Dave and Steve Flynn

Dave and Steve Flynn

Dave and Steve have launched a new range of healthy vegan products, made with all-natural ingredients, that will be sure to put a happy smile on any foodie’s face. Launching for the first time in the UK, the deliciously wholesome range is available exclusively at Waitrose stores nationwide.

Whether flexitarian, fully plant-based or simply looking to up veggie consumption, these products are packed full of goodness from the freshest natural ingredients, perfect for a happy and wholesome diet.

Dave and Steve are really passionate about what they do and educating the nation on living a healthier lifestyle, so here are 10 reasons why eating veggies makes them feel happy:

  1. Enjoying a veggie BBQ with friends and family is what makes us most happy. We feel that being connected to those around us is just as important for our happiness as our diet.
  2. We went from eating a ‘meat and two veg diet’ to a vegetarian diet, and from there to a vegan and raw food diet. We did this in order to explore how our diet affected us both physically and mentally. When we went full vegan, 17 years ago, the wholefood, plant-based diet just really resonated with us, we felt physically more capable and we felt more like ourselves – happier! 
  3. We love hummus – we eat it every single day and it makes us happy (that’s why we named our hummus ‘Happy Hummus’!).
  4. Eating vegetables keeps us connected to nature and mindful of where our food comes from. It's simple and grounding and a core ingredient of our recipe for happiness. 
  5. Encouraging people to eat more fruit and vegetables makes us happy and is our main message #eatmoreveg.
  6. Eating vegetables is better for animals and our planet.
  7. In Ireland alone, 8 out of 10 people don't eat enough fibre. Fruits, vegetables and wholefoods are naturally high in fibre, which is a pre-biotic that helps your good bacteria grow to keep you healthy. A Duke University study found that health is the number one factor influencing happiness so we should all be eating more veg.
  8. We have a sweet tooth so our much-loved annual apple pie contest at our cafe in Greystones, Ireland, makes us especially happy. It's a special combination of apples, competitiveness, and a great big dollop of community!
  9. A great, hearty bowl of vegetables is like a big belly hug – and that's true happiness. 
  10. And finally, seeing some of our favourite produce for the first time each year when its season begins is glorious – like the first local strawberries of the summer, or seeing the gorgeous vibrant yellow fields of rapeseed from the beach after our daily dip in the Irish sea every morning.

The new products guarantee high-quality meals bursting with flavour, that are easy to prepare and perfect for on-the-go too. The range is sure to brighten up mealtimes and be a hit with the whole family, whether vegan or not.

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