Got a pet who's petrified of pyrotechnics? Hive, a British Gas innovation and leader in smart home technology, has partnered with celebrity TV vet Marc Abraham to help pet owners create a 'zen den' for their furrier family members over the Bonfire Night festivities.

Bonfire Night on Female First

Bonfire Night on Female First

While fireworks are enjoyed by the public, they are considered by many as one of the most stressful experiences for our four-legged friends - with research showing an estimated 45 per cent of dogs in the UK exhibit signs of fear when they hear them.

To help overcome this intensely stressful time, Marc Abraham and Hive have created a guide to creating a 'Pet Zen Den' - a series of top tips for pet owners on how to transform any part of the home into a sanctuary using a combination of holistic therapies, proven veterinary advice and cutting-edge smart home tech.

Marc Abraham says "The month of November - whilst fun for us humans - is often one of the most distressing times of year for our pets, which no animal-lover ever likes to see. The loud bangs and flashing lights are confusing to our cared-for creatures, with many associating the noises with danger, resulting in a heightened feeling of anxiety. I've worked with Hive to create our 'Pet Zen Den' advice to help pets feel a little more peaceful and protected. If followed, the simple steps should make for more enjoyable evenings for pets and people alike."

Marc's 'Super Seven' Tips for keeping your pet 'zen' this Bonfire Night:

HIT THE LIGHTS. With the flashing lights happening outside, it's best to keep lighting in your home dimmed to help keep your animal relaxed. If you have a dog, dimmed lighting will keep them relaxed and sleepy; so sleepy they may even nap through the loud bangs. With Hive Active Lights™ you can dim the lights from your phone - so if you're out and about and hear fireworks going off, you can quickly dim the lights in your 'den' to help soothe your scared pet.

KEEP YOUR PET WELL-FED AND REFRESHED. The noise from Bonfire Night can make your pets feel anxious and when animals are anxious this can also lead to loss of appetite. In preparation for this, feed your pet an hour or so before the night draws in and fireworks are expected to go off, so you don't have to worry about whipping up a midnight feast for your animal once their anxiety subsides.

KEEP A LITTER TRAY CLOSE BY. If you have a cat that usually goes to the toilet outside, be sure to have a litter tray inside. Anxious cats often need to go to the toilet more than normal, so make sure it's an empty tray to begin with too.

WARM UP. Like humans, pets are calmer and more relaxed when they're warm.

To set the exact temperature and time it so that the heating comes on when your animal needs it, try Hive Active Heating™. The thermostat can be controlled via the Hive app, so if you notice your pet looking uncomfortable from your seat on the sofa, you can crank up or turn down the heat without even having to move.

PLAY MUSIC. Research shows that animals calm down when they hear music. There are a variety of 'pet playlists' available online, or you may even know your pet's personal music preference based on how they react to music in the home.

CALMING CHROMOTHERAPY. Like humans, many animals will react to various colours and shades. Some animals are known to react and relax to warming colours such as red and orange. Like humans, the warm colours can make animals feel cosy and secure - just what they need when fireworks take flight. Hive's new Coloured Active Lights™ can be controlled via the Hive app and offer a full spectrum of colours, so there's something to attract any animal. To find out exactly what colour your pet prefers, you may even want to try different coloured hues in advance and see how they react.

WHAT MAKES YOUR PET HAPPY? What makes your cat purr? What makes your dog roll onto their back so you can scratch their tummy? Remember, a happy pet is a relaxed pet. Once you have identified the things they love, bring them in to the space! This is their 'zen den' so make sure it contains everything that makes them feel secure.

Nina Bhatia, Managing Director at Hive comments, "We know from our customers that being able to precisely control lighting, colours and temperature make a huge difference to the mood in a home, so these factors also no doubt impact our pets too! By teaming up with Marc to help people create the perfect conditions for pets, we're trying to help all canine and cat-lovers use their smart home tech to benefit from a quiet and less stressful night this November 5th."

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