New Vita Coco Pressed contains 100% natural ingredients with pieces of freshly pressed coconut and, you guessed it, coconut water. It is bursting with all the same benefits as the original flavour; nutrients, vitamins and naturally occurring electrolytes, including potassium - making its hydration qualities as good for gym goers as it is for party animals, and everyone in-between. Simply shake to enjoy all its goodness.

Vita Coco pressed

Vita Coco pressed

Vita Coco Pressed is the first in a line of innovations being added to the brand’s growing range of natural, feel-good products, which aims to satisfy the growing global desire for coconut water - a category that has already grown to over £120m annual sales in the UK.

The guys at Vita Coco are so confident consumers will enjoy Pressed Coconut Water, they’re going as far as to say it’s impossible to hate, which is the message at the core of the brand’s national launch campaign running throughout the summer. The ‘Impossible to Hate’ campaign will incorporate product sampling, festival activity, nationwide outdoor advertising and social media activity in a bid to challenge people's tastebuds and encourage the nation to try Vita Coco’s new take on the classic coconut water.

Giles Brook, CEO at Vita Coco says: “The launch of Vita Coco Pressed in the UK is an incredibly exciting milestone for us - it’s a completely new product with a great coconut taste. It’s also full of the benefits of coconut water and will sit alongside our natural coconut water and fruit flavoured variants, giving drinkers an exciting opportunity to enjoy new and tasty alternatives in the health drinks sector.”

Vita Coco Pressed is available in 500ml (£2.49) and 1litre (£3.49) cartons at major stockists nationwide, including Tesco, Morrison’s, Coop, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Wholefoods and in 330ml (£1.69) in Sainsbury’s.