Everyone’s favourite sushi and fresh Japanese food restaurant, YO!, is bringing its furiously fresh flavours to you with its first product range hitting supermarket shelves from mid-May. Re-create your most loved YO! dishes in the comfort of your own home, using a selection of delicious, easy-to-use products, from sauces to seasoning, and marinades to mayos.

Yo! Sauces

Yo! Sauces

Designed to tantalise every taste bud, the Japanese-inspired range includes vegan and vegetarian-friendly options, as well as two rich and creamy mayonnaises. Whether you want to flex your culinary skills with a YO! classic – Hello Katsu Curry! – or spice up a less than exciting dinner with some new flavours, the new range brings YO!’s fun, fast and fresh experience home for the very first time.

Proving that Japanese food is so much more than veggie sushi, there has never been a better time to get YO! cook on:


  • Aromatic Katsu Curry (£1): pour over sauce paired brilliantly with breaded tofu and for a mild, fragrant and creamy curry.
  • Sweet & Sticky Teriyaki (£1): tastes sensational with chilli and fresh noodles due to its rich and savoury honeyed soy sauce.
  • Sweet & Sour Nanbanzuke (£1): the perfect way to add tangy sweetness to vegetables and fresh noodles.
  • Soy, Ginger & Garlic Yakisoba (£1): brings subtle heat and tang to vegan chicken, crunchy vegetables and fresh noodles.


  • Sweet & Fruity Tonkatsu (£2): the perfect sad sandwich pick-me-up with a dark and rich fruitiness to rival any boring veggie BLT.
  • Hot Chilli Chirosou (£2): start your day with a bang by drizzling the hot chilli and wasabi sauce over scrambled vegan eggs.
  • Creamy Japanese Mayo (£2.29): a rich, umami mayo that brings out the best in veggie sushi, burgers and fries.
  • Spicy Sriracha Mayo (£2.29): hot, rich and creamy, best with fries and sandwiches.