Surgeons who listen to AC/DC while operating are more accurate and efficient, a new study has found.

AC/DC's music can improve the  performance of surgeons

AC/DC's music can improve the performance of surgeons

Interestingly, listening to rock music can have a calming effect and even lower blood pressure, and listening to fast-paced music proved to be a major factor in speeding up operations.

Those who listened to AC/DC's 'Highway To Hell' and 'T.N.T.' in the trials went from taking 236 seconds to make an incision to 139, while they were also five per cent more accurate.

The Beatles' 'Hey Jude' and 'Let It Be' also sped up the time taken to stitch up wounds by a whopping 50 per cent, however, only when the music was played at a low volume.

Overall, the study found that "soft rock and hard rock" can improve surgical performance.

Lead researcher Cui Yang from Heidelberg University, Germany, wrote in Langenbeck’s Archives of Surgery journal: “Our results show that both soft rock and hard rock can enhance surgical performance.

“For hard rock music, the positive effect was especially noticeable when the music was played in high volume.

“It is possible that music with high rhythmicity could provide a tempo to keep up the speed of the performance and thus enhance task performance.”

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