Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Diver breaks own world record for holding breath underwater

Budimir Buda Sobat set a new personal best last weekend by holding his breath for 24 minutes and 33 seconds.

The record attempt took place at a pool in the city of Sisak and Sobat was placed under supervision from doctors, news reporters and fans as he completed the feat.

In preparation, Sobat hyperventilated on pure oxygen in the minutes leading up to the attempt to increase the level of oxygenation in his body.

The former bodybuilder has also trained his body to pump oxygenated blood around his body at a slower pace to aid his diving.

Sobat performed his record-breaking dive in a bid to raise funds for the area, which was devastated by an earthquake back in December.

Speaking prior to the attempt, he said: "I am going to dive guided by the logic that I get involved, the best I can, to beautify and help in the efforts of everyone there."

Fox rescued after getting head trapped in plastic bottle

The animal was spotted in a muddle in London by a car park worker who contacted the RSPCA in a bid to help out.

Animal rescuer Nick Jonas was called out to the scene and soon realised that he needed to work quickly to save the fox.

He said: "This poor fox was in quite a dangerous situation – he’d manage to wedge his head inside a rigid plastic bottle and couldn’t get it off.

"When I arrived, I was really concerned that the fox might be running out of oxygen, as he’d collapsed in a bush and was breathing very heavily.

"I needed to work fast."

Jonas was able to prise the fox's head from the bottle and the animal escaped the incident without being harmed.

The RSPCA officer said: "He didn’t appear to have sustained any injuries from his ordeal, so I was able to let him go, and he immediately rushed off to rejoin his family group."

Woman issues warning after washing machine explodes

Laura Birrell has shared images of the destruction caused to her home in Glasgow after her machine "blew up" as a warning to others about what could happen.

The incident led to the kitchen being filled with smoke and left debris strewn across the room. It is now being investigated by manufacturers Indesit.

In a Facebook post, Birrell said: "I have often heard don’t leave your washing machine on when you leave the house.

"Well, today I am glad that I did not go out anywhere as my machine literally exploded. I thought a bomb had gone off, glass everywhere. The machine drum exploded through the worktop and drainer.

"Fortunately, I was in as smoke started to appear so I quickly switched it off."

Company offers paid leave to employees sad about pop star exits

The boss of the firm Hiroro Inc. explained that he would allow an employee to take time off to grieve the loss of a singer if they quit their group.

The president of the company, who uses the Twitter handle @itaru9Z, wrote on the platform: "It's been decided that an employee's favourite idol will graduate, so the company has added a congratulation or condolence leave clause to its work rules."

The clause refers to the 'graduation' of a star which is the moment when they depart the group they have performed in.

Staff will be allowed to take 10 days paid leave if the favourite singer leaves the group or three days off if their second favourite star departs.

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