Ferret Legging, also known as ‘put em down’ or ‘ferret down trousers’ is a sport that involves putting a ferret down the contestants’ trouser leg and the winner is whoever can keep their new furry friend in there the longest. 

Wolfgang Neubauer / Alamy Stock Photo

Wolfgang Neubauer / Alamy Stock Photo

Originating in Yorkshire- if you hadn’t guessed from the nicknames already- it is thought to have come about because years ago, only the wealthy were allowed to own ferrets. So, poachers used to put them down their trousers to hide them and avoid being caught. Apparently ferrets are fond of small spaces but this really takes the biscuit. 

Others believe that bored punters in pubs used to play this sport on a night out in their local to pass the time. Either way- whoever came up with the idea had no respect for the ferret… or intact danglers. 

It gained popularity back in the 1970s but has been described as a ‘dying sport’- which is no surprise- as sports go- it’s hardly the most enjoyable to watch and not to mention rather cruel to the poor ferrets. I mean, would you want to be thrust down someone’s pants? I suppose it depends who they belong to…

Before putting the ferret down their trousers, the participants must tie them at the ankle and wear a belt that can be tightened up enough to ensure the ferret can’t get out. 

They are not allowed to wear underwear (the opponents, not the ferrets) so the animals can move freely around in there. 

And the most disturbing part about it all? The ferrets must have a full set of teeth- to file them down would render the ferret disqualified. Ouch.  

The contestants aren’t even allowed to have an alcoholic drink before they potentially get bitten in the nether regions either and the ferrets can’t be sedated to make them more relaxed. So all involved are fully focused and have nothing inside them to dull the pain of the experience. 

There is little skill involved in the sport other than to be unreactive while getting bitten in your special place. Sounds horrific, right? 

There were attempts to make this sport available to both genders (because women were SO keen to get in on the biting action) and ‘ferret busting’ was introduced where the animals were put down the tops of female contestants- but this was unsuccessful. Why? Because no woman needs a love bite on her bosom from a tiny carnivore. 

A chap called Edward Simpkins from the Isle of Wight held the record for having a ferret down his trousers for five hours ten minutes. He got bitten badly twice during his stint, but reportedly managed a game of darts afterwards. *Respect*

A retired minor, Reg Mellor from Barnsley surpassed the record- coming in at five hours twenty six minutes and apparently said that the key to being successful at Ferret Legging was to feed them up before they were inserted into the trouser. 

Ferret racing is much more popular now, saving many a ferret legger from having to disappoint their partner at bedtime.

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