Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Man regrets digging garden box

The individual, named only as Tony, uploaded a clip to TikTok of him digging up the box in his back garden but was left heaving when he found out it was a septic tank.

In the clip, Tony says: "I was doing some gardening in my back yard today and I uncovered some sort of crazy, secret concrete box in the ground.

"I found a handle after digging for a while, then after digging for a bit more I uncovered a second handle.

"I kept going until I got it cleaned to the point where I could start to attempt to lift it up.

"When I tried it was a little heavy so then I brought in the big guns. And you'll never believe what I found."

Tony is then seen running away from the box as he discovers the septic tank, which he had no idea was there.

He added: "We didn't know we were on septic system."

School breaks record for toppling cereal boxes

Students at Red Cedar Elementary School in the US state of South Carolina assembled more than 6,000 cereal boxes in the canteen in an attempt to cause them all to fall in a chain reaction.

The fifth try resulted in 3,730 of the boxes falling, which was enough to surpass the previous world record of 3,416 boxes.

The record-breaking boxes were then donated to the local charity Bluffton Self Help.

Kim Hall, executive director at the charity, told WSAV-TV: "We estimate it's about 32,000 to 40,000 meals right here that these kids are providing for the community.

"It's really incredible, meaningful and spectacular to be a part of this whole process."

Egypt holds grand parade for mummy transfer

The mummies were transported by road in their own capsule accompanied by a full orchestra and a light show as the 18 kings and four queens were taken to a new location in Cairo.

They were carried on carts that cradled them and provided stability with each capsule filled with nitrogen to provide protection.

Academic Salima Ikram described the grand ceremony as "a way of showing respect" to the mummies.

Ikram, an Egyptologist at the American University in Cairo, said: "By doing it like this, with great pomp and circumstance, the mummies are getting their due.

"These are the kings of Egypt, these are the pharaohs. And so it is a way of showing respect."

Boy breaks world record for longest milk tooth

Luke Boulton, 9, had the tooth removed by his dentist in September 2019 but only recently discovered that he and his family's application for the Guinness World Record for the world's longest milk tooth had been successful.

Boulton's father Craig admits that he found it "disturbing" to think that such a long tooth had been in his son's mouth.

He told PTBO Canada: "It was a bit disturbing at first to think that was in someone's mouth.

"It was pretty impressive."

Boulton, from Ontario in Canada, revealed that he is planning to have his tooth displayed alongside his certificate when it arrives from Guinness.

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The Saitama prefectural assembly has passed legislation that requires riders on escalators in the region to stand still, rather than attempt to walk up or down the escalator while it is in motion in a bid to maintain safety. The measure has been backed by the Liberal Democratic Party, which holds a majority in the assembly...

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