Depression accelerates memory loss in older people.

Depression increases memory loss in older individuals

Depression increases memory loss in older individuals

Experts at University College London (UCL) monitored more than 8,000 adults over the course of 16 years to analyse the relationship between depressive symptoms and forgetfulness.

The team found that depression causes changes to the brain structure and leads to high levels of stress hormones that have a damaging impact on cells - contributing to memory decline that results in dementia.

The study's senior author Dr. Dorina Cadar said: "It is known that depression and poor memory often occur together in older people, but what comes first has been unclear.

"Our study shows that the relationship between depression and poor memory cuts both ways, with depressive symptoms preceding memory decline and memory decline linked to subsequent depressive symptoms.

"It also suggests that interventions to reduce depressive symptoms may help to slow down memory decline."