A gel could allow people to drink alcohol without the fear of a hangover.

A new gel could stop hangovers after excessive boozing

A new gel could stop hangovers after excessive boozing

Swiss scientists have come up with a new protein gel that significantly reduced the levels of alcohol in the blood of intoxicated mice.

Should the gel be safe and effective for humans, it could be used as a quick way to sober up after excessive boozing.

A study allowed mice unlimited access to ethanol - the type of alcohol used in drinks - for 10 days before the rodents were provided with the gel.

The blood alcohol levels of the mice fell by 55 per cent in the space of just four hours after they were given the substance.

Professor Raffaele Mezzenga, from the Laboratory of Food and Soft Materials at ETH Zurich, said: "It's healthier not to drink alcohol at all.

"However, the gel could be of particular interest to people who don't want to give up alcohol completely but don't want to put a strain on their bodies and aren't actively seeking the effects of alcohol."