A new hot sauce has developed to mimic the symptoms of UTIs.

Feel the Burn hot sauce mimics the symptoms of UTI

Feel the Burn hot sauce mimics the symptoms of UTI

The condiment, Feel the Burn, has been created by Newfoundland Diagnostics and scientific sauce creator Lazy Scientist in order to educate those less susceptible to the infections, which typically affect more women than men, after a survey found more than 70 per cent of guys believe they are not painful.

The sauce contains a carefully-selected blend of chilli peppers, including the Carolina Reaper – the world’s hottest chilli – and Naga and Scotch Bonnets to replicate the burning sensations sufferers experience, as well as star anise to create a lingering, prolonged burn. To add some sweetness, it also contains cranberry juice, a popular but much-debated home remedy for UTIs.

Michael Hodnett, Co-Founder of Newfoundland Diagnostics, said: "Too often, women suffering from UTIs have their symptoms and experience dismissed, leading to frustration and, in some cases, misdiagnosis.

“Our 'Feel the Burn' campaign has been developed to be a fun yet impactful way to raise awareness around this serious issue, encourage empathy and get the nation to test and not ignore symptoms.”

A free bottle of Feel The Burn Hot Sauce will be included with every UTI test purchased from Newfoundland Diagnostics’ online store (RRP £9.87). Tests and hot sauces will also be available to purchase from Brixton Village food market Guzzl, while supplies last.

For more information on Feel the Burn Hot Sauce and UTI self-testing, visit https://www.newfoundland.io/