Today is a day for getting over things which you have hung onto for too long. Feelings, niggles, behaviours that serve you no purpose- so there’s no better time than now to say ‘goodbye’ to the things that are holding you back. Here’s 10 suggestions to get you kick started:

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Write a list of things that really hack you off: People who earn more money than you, the friend who always seems to land on their feet without trying, the depressing stories that perpetuate the news. Then tell yourself that these are things you can’t change no matter how much energy you waste on thinking about them. Go through each one and then ball the piece of paper up and throw it away. Make a visual representation of your decision not to let this stuff get you down anymore.

Look at the things you CAN change: Make another list of things you can change- such as if you are unhappy in your career, your relationship or your location for instance. Then take each one and write down step by step what you need to do to make this change happen. If you have small manageable tasks- you are more likely to have the time and the inclination to achieve each one before moving onto the next. The only way it will stop being a problem is if you remove the cause.

Make contact with someone you’ve not seen in a while: You will be so busy catching up, the issues that were on your mind will become meaningless while you make new happier memories.

Help someone less fortunate than you or volunteer for a cause: By doing this, you will be able to put your circumstances into perspective. There are more important things to invest your time and energy in than what your ex is doing or how big your sibling's car is compared to yours. Spending time in the community will help you to see the bigger picture.

Find a way to destress: Perhaps whatever it is that has been monopolising your thoughts is causing you a great deal of stress. In which case- book in for a spa day, do some exercise, go and get a massage- think about what has worked for you in the past and let it help you again.

Seek professional help: If it’s something deeply routed- don’t rule out the need for professional help. You may need to see a counsellor to help you to let go of something from your childhood that you have carried with you throughout your adult life.

Ask yourself what you really want to do: If that is forging a new career, starting a new hobby, seeking out a new relationship. Write down all reasons not to do it- then write down all the reasons to do it. You will likely find that there are more positives than negatives on the page. If so- get over the things that are holding you back, draw a line under your two columns and then write an action plan of how you are going to achieve your dream.

Forget about what others are doing: One of the biggest reasons we can’t get over things is because we are constantly reminded of them on social media. The ex you’re still friends with who is now with someone else, the person who only posts when their life is going well so you feel downhearted about yours, the ‘friend’ who keeps posting passive aggressive posts you think are about you. Sound familiar?

Do an experiment- if every time you log onto Facebook- you feel worse by the time you’ve finished scrolling- it’s time to detox. Ignorance is bliss- because ignorance is a key factor in helping put an end to comparison.

Think of the most laid-back person in your life: Do you know someone who is constantly chilled out? If so- pay them a visit- ask them how they got this way and take a leaf from their book. Chances are they weren’t always this way. It’s likely something happened in their life that gave them the motivation for change. If they can do it, so can you.

Think of your life like a holiday: Life is too short to carry around all this baggage so think of your life like a vacation from now on. Drop the bag on your bed- unpack its contents- get over the delayed flight, the long transfer and the rain and just enjoy the ride.

Happy National Get Over It Day Everyone!

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