Today is National Unplugging Day- a day to put aside all of your digital devices and do something other than look at a screen for just 24 hours. That’s right- no phones, no TV, no I pads, no gaming devices- the lot has to go for one day. If you feel lost at the prospect of doing this- here are some helpful suggestions but before you start- turn everything off so you’re not temped to cheat!

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Read a book- Those books or magazines that have been competing with your phone each night when you go to bed- you have no excuse now- pick one up at a time and start reading!

Declutter- Spring is right on the doorstop which means it’s time to cleanse your home off all that unwanted stuff that’s been hanging around since this time last year. You know it’s long overdue.

Clean- After purging your home off all the things you no longer need or want- there are bound to be a few cobwebs and layers of dust that need to go to finish the job. Don’t do things half-heartedly- complete the task you started- you will thank yourself once your home is spacious and sparkling.

Spend some quality time with those you care about- Whether that is your partner, family, kids or friends- make a plan and you know without the distraction of digital devices, you will have to use your imagination but also rest assured that you will all be fully engaged.

Make a to do list- Of little things you want to get done around the house, small personal achievements or something more long term like a bucket list. With nothing in your way, you will have to time to sit down and really consider what it is you want to do with the next few days, weeks or even years.

Start that long-awaited project- If you already know what you want to do- go out there and do it! Whether that is some DIY, decorating, writing a book- there is no time like the present.

Do something outdoorsy- Take a walk in the woods or by the beach, make up a picnic and enjoy it in the most scenic place you can find near your home or do some gardening- just make sure you get some fresh air in your lungs!

Rest- If all you want to do is take a nap, lie on a blanket in your back garden or take a long hot bubble bath- go ahead- all of these suggestions are great ways to relax and unwind.

Start a journal- Choose a fresh notepad from the shelf and just start writing, then commit to setting aside time every day after today to filling it in. If you think you can only mange a few words- then start a line a day journal instead.

Organise your photos- Everyone has photographs that aren’t kept on a digital device so get them out- put them in order and pop out to buy a new album to show off all your hard work.

Happy National Day of Unplugging everyone!

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