London's Peckhamplex cinema is set to be haunted by Pennywise the Clown to celebrate the forthcoming movie 'IT'.

Pennywise the Clown

Pennywise the Clown

Horror fans can see the highly-anticipated title at the south London cinema at two special ''IT Upgrade'' screenings on September 6 and 8, as part of a terrifying immersive experience based on the Andres Muschietti directed film.

Peckhamplex - which is one of London's most beloved and longest running independent cinemas - will host the unique screenings and thrill-seekers can win tickets to by visiting the IT Movie UK Facebook Page, or by purchase ''IT Upgrade'' tickets for by visiting or calling the box office on 0844 567 2742.

Billed as an experience ''not for the faint hearted'', IT is based on Stephen King's chilling novel about a child killer on the loose in an American town.

Director Muschietti is confident his forthcoming movie will go down well with older audiences because King, who has seen the new version, absolutely loved it and was ''moved'' by his interpretation of the book.

He said: ''He sent me a personal note. When he saw it, we started exchanging emails.

''He said it exceeded his expectations. He was very moved. He loved it.''

'IT' comes out in the UK on September 8.

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