British astronaut Major Tim Peake says that "millions" of aliens exist.

Major Tim Peake is convinced that 'millions' of aliens exist

Major Tim Peake is convinced that 'millions' of aliens exist

The rocketman has spent over 100 days in orbit and has no doubt that humans are accompanied in the universe by other lifeforms.

Peake told Gaby Roslin's 'Reasons To Be Joyful' podcast: "I absolutely think it's happened in hundreds of thousands of places, if not millions of places."

The astronaut is a "firm believer" in the presence of aliens and claims that many space experts agree with his viewpoint.

Peake said: "Yeah, I'm a firm believer. I know many, many serious scientists, astrophysicists, cosmologists who are firm believers as well."

The former pilot added that "the seeds of life are everywhere" in the solar system.

He explained: "We've only really looked in our tiny little neighbourhood so far and we found 5,000 planets already - some of these stars burn a lot, lot longer than our sun will burn.

"If you've got time, you've got more time for life to evolve and... potentially become much more sophisticated.

"So I think life is abundant throughout the universe."

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