A woman was left in disbelief after discovering that her puppy had eaten her savings.

Pound coins

Pound coins

Jocelyn Horne was ''absolutely gutted'' after her miniature poodle Peggy ate the £100 she had been saving up.

The mum-of-three admits that she thought her boyfriend Allan Kinrade had pranked her at first, but soon realised the reality of the situation when she discovered the torn-up notes in the dog's sick.

She said: ''Peggy wants to chew everything and anything that hits the floor - I'm always picking up after her.

''I keep my bedroom door closed because of her and I came in and could just see a single piece of £20 on my bed.

''I searched high and low, couldn't find anything else and thought there's no way she's eaten £100 - she couldn't have.

''I actually thought it was my boyfriend playing a joke on me as he kept laughing and I was still adamant that I must've misplaced it.''

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