Dreaming about a puppy, it could be you are still in training for something. Perhaps you are still in education, have recently returned to learning or you may be undergoing some training in your place of work.

Cute puppy

Cute puppy

Maybe you just feel underprepared for something in your personal life and you feel some aspect of yourself needs further development before you deem yourself ready for the next stage.

Puppies can also reflect your childlike or playful behaviour. You may generally have a liveliness about you or a happy go lucky personality that attracts lovers, colleagues and friends to you.

It’s possible you have taken this to the extreme lately and its beginning to have a negative impact on your relationships or yourself.

Another interpretation is that you might need to be more playful once in while if life is too serious at present.

If you were looking after a puppy then maybe you feel a newfound responsibility for something or someone during your waking hours. Or perhaps you feel you’re in a place to take on some extra responsibility.

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Taking care of a puppy can relate to how dedicated you are to your friends, family or partners in times of need. You might be willing to do pretty much anything to ensure those you care about are happy and comfortable.

If you were training a puppy in your sleep state then you may yearn to learn something new or teach someone about something you have a lot of experience and knowledge in.

You might feel a strong protective instinct over someone or something in your waking life because the person or situation is very dear to you.

Puppies can also be indicative of loyalty, so you may find that someone will come along who is loyal to you from the start and will help you with your endeavours. Or perhaps you feel a lack of loyalty from someone close to you- do you need to tell them?

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