Radiohead fans have been eating pictures of Thom Yorke's face and posting the evidence on social media.

Radiohead fans eat photos of Thom Yorke's face

Radiohead fans eat photos of Thom Yorke's face

The reason behind the act by the indie band's fandom comes after one Reddit user said if the band make an announcement or release their LP 'A Moon Shaped Pool' on Friday (06.05.16) he would eat a photo of the frontman.

They wrote: ''Alright, time to settle this. If LP9 is announced OR released tomorrow, May 6, I will eat a photo of Thom Yorke. (sic)''

And another user called InsanityDefinition wrote:

''There's a big debate going on right now on whether LP9 will release tomorrow, later in May, or in June.

''As time has gone on, I've found myself doubting a release tomorrow, just because I prefer pessimism over optimism.

''But if it happens to be released or announced tomorrow, I will eat a picture of Thom Yorke in order to apologize to all the May 6 believers I've doubted. My fate is in the bands hands now.''

Since the post, hundreds of young Radiohead fans have started posting selfies eating a slice of the 'Creep' hitmaker's face.

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