We all have it drilled into us from a young age that we need to be timely, we have to turn up to things at the right moment or just before but we must never be late for anything. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Well, today you can throw all those rules out the window because the next few hours is about doing things in your own sweet time! Here are some ways you can celebrate this day:

Post the late birthday card: Chances are you’ve forgotten to wish someone a happy birthday and that little message has popped up on Facebook or someone has reminded you that you missed this key date in the calendar. If so, don’t worry, post the card late and write your apologies inside. You know what people don’t expect? To get a card days after their birthday is over! Make the post exciting and draw it out for them!

Get up late: If you usually get up at a certain time, snooze that button on your alarm and get up later than you would normally. It’s the weekend, it’s your only opportunity to have a lie in, so take it! 

Go against your to do list: If you have a regular daily to do list- be a rebel and don’t tick anything off the list! The laundry can wait, the washing up can be put off and the shopping can hang fire till tomorrow. 

Have a late lunch or dinner: If you always eat your food at the same time each day, why not put it back by half an hour or an hour? Especially if you are in the middle of something fun like playing with your kids or reading a book. The world won’t come to a crashing halt if you tuck in ten minutes later. 

Take a late shower: If your routine consists of getting up and hopping straight in the shower, skip it for a while and have a part pj day! If you have nowhere to be and nothing to do- who says you need to shower at 8am sharp?

Show up late: If you are meant to be at someone’s house at a certain time for a coffee or dinner, be fashionably late. Of course, this all depends on who’s expecting you- if the host is laid back, you can probably get away with showing up with an apology. However, if the person you are visiting values promptness, maybe give them a heads up first! 

Answer an email, message or text late: Unless it will land you in debt or trouble at work, you don’t need to answer every correspondance you get right away. Answer when you are ready and most importantly- want to and don’t give in to someone else’s imposed timeline.

Happy National Be Late For Something Day!  

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