Chop Suey is an American Chinese dish that has gained popularity because of its versatility. Simply add any vegetables of your choice to meat or shellfish, splash on a flavoursome sauce and fry it all at a high heat and serve in a bed of rice. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It’s easy to understand why it is craved by many. So if you fancy chop suey today- you have chosen the perfect moment to make your mouth water over this dish. Here’s how you can enjoy it today…

Take an online cooking class: If you can’t make it to a cookery school, there are online options to get your cooking class fix from the comfort of your own home. So, get your list of ingredients, buy what you need and cook along with others who desire the dish too. You can always find a You Tube video too if this is your usual source of inspiration when cooking at home. 

Ask someone to teach you how to make it: If you have a friend who is a good cook and you know they make this dish regularly, get everything you need, invite them over and ask them to give you a personal demonstration. You can thank them any way you see fit- but one way could be to offer them something in return that falls into your area of expertise but not theirs. 

Order in: If you aren’t wondrous with a wok, go to your favourite take-away and order a chop suey to go. Not everyone has the time to make a meal from scratch but you don’t have to be left out simply because you work long hours or have other commitments right now. And spread the love…

Tell people about your favourite place to get the dish: If you always go to the same place for your chop suey, make sure you spread the word, even more so if it’s from a small, independent business. Tag them on your socials and let everyone in your local area know where to get good food.  

Share your favourite recipe: If you have a tried and tested recipe that is your go-to when you want chop suey, share it on your social media or pass it onto someone who is looking to change up their meal plan. If you love it, they are bound to as well! Or better yet…

Cook it for them: If you are confident at making chop suey, invite others over to enjoy it with you. There is nothing kinder than removing the burden of cooking from someone else if you find a certain dish a complete doddle! 

Find a restaurant that serves it: If you are looking to make more of an occasion out of it, check out your local restaurants that serve chop suey and take a look at their reviews. If the dish comes up a lot in the write ups, you know you are onto a winner and it’s worth spending your money there!

Happy National Chop Suey Day!

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