Today is National Girl’s Night, a night to spend with your besties, however with lockdown in place in specific locations around the country, we thought we would do a very special lockdown edition instead! 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

So you may not be able to spend time with your best girl friends (unless you live in a flat share), however, if you live with your sister, mum or grandmother- tonight is the chance to strengthen that bond! Here are just seven ways to do so…

Cook up a storm: Decide on a dish that you both love and spend some time tonight prepping the ingredients and making them into something wonderful. This is especially helpful if one of you is a good cook and the other is, well… not so much! You can learn from one another and share stories while you work. 

Watch a movie together: You are bound to have a movie that makes you both want to curl up on the sofa and watch as soon as the opening credits roll. So, dedicate some time to seeking out all the necessaries, like popcorn, fizzy pop and chocolate, grab a blanket each, pop on your pjs and enjoy! And if you both prefer a box set over a feature film, you could try a new series on Netflix, Now TV or Amazon Prime that has been recommended to you. 

Have an at home spa night: There are so many possibilities, depending on what your favourite treatments are at the salon. You could paint your fingernails, put on a hair dye, dust off the foot spa, have a pedicure, adorn a face mask, wax your legs- whatever you fancy- just put on some relaxing music and make sure the men are in another room while you do it! 

Have a drink and a natter: This could be a cup of tea, a hot chocolate or a glass of prosecco- whatever floats your boat, just make sure you have some time together to talk about anything and everything you feel like. You could even recreate the coffee shop experience by adding in a cheeky cake or biscuit and sitting at the table or breakfast bar, or you could imagine you are in a swanky bar if you are leaning towards something alcoholic and get dressed up. Remember to opt for non-alcoholic if there are any ladies who are under the legal drinking age! 

Online shop together: If you’ve had some things in your basket for a while and are unsure whether to buy them- why not ask their opinion? If you have a specific outfit in mind, ask them to help you to put it together. Talk about what you want to buy for other people or each other for Christmas, make a list and browse. It’s just like hitting the malls but without the hassle of bumping into other people! 

Clear out your closets: If you both have the organising bug, grab a couple of drinks and some snacks and make your way up to your bedrooms for a wardrobe declutter! You can try on ridiculous combinations to make each other laugh, help each other to put things online to sell and give each other a bit of tough love when there is indecision over items that have not been worn in an age. 

Get a take out: If you don’t feel like cooking, ring your favourite take-away joint and get them to deliver your evening meal to you. Make sure you serve it at the table with a candle, table cloth and something bubbly so you can imagine you are eating it in a fancy restaurant.  

Happy National Girl’s Night!

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