If you are in the heart of your decluttering journey, you may have overlooked your pet as a source of excess stuff- but as an animal lover myself, I know all too well how many things can accumulate that have been purchased out of love. As all animal owners know- our furry friends come with a lot of belongings and get spolied just as much as children in some cases. Many of the items are essential and you may use them every day, however other pieces can be reviewed. Here are some suggestions:

Monika Marczak / Alamy Stock Photo

Monika Marczak / Alamy Stock Photo

Toys: If your pet has a toy that they no longer play with or have chewed so much that it is unrecognisable- it’s time to let it go. Items such as this could become unsafe as pieces can fall off toys that have endured a lot of play and pose as a choking hazard so it's not worth putting your pet's health at risk.

Bedding: Perhaps they have chewed their blanket, or their bed- if this is the case- it might be time to invest in a new one or change their bedding to something more hardwearing. If they prefer to sleep in your bed, then you don’t need either!

Food: If your animal is the fussy kind and doesn’t eat everything that you put in front of it- there is room to reduce the food in your cupboards. If this sounds familiar- give the food they don’t enjoy to your local pet shelter, vet or to someone who owns a pet similar to yours who will get use out of the product.

Treats: Again, if they have a favourite treat and turn their nose up at others- there is always another pet somewhere that would enjoy it- so make their day and yours too by creating some space in your home. 

Feeding equipment: If they have a habit of throwing their food bowls about and these have got chipped along the way or broken- it may be time to invest in a new one and get rid of the one that is way past its best.

Items for transportation: Perhaps you have a box to take your pet to the vet in- but it’s on its last legs- you may need to purchase another one and let your current one go (or would a simple cardboard box suffice?). Maybe you have accumulated lots of leads over the years but only use one- in which case- declutter your lead collection! Do you have a cage that was meant for the back of the car, but your pet was so unhappy in it- they cried the entire car journey and have sat in the back seat since? If this sounds like you- there is the option to sell such items if you have something you never use or too many of the same thing.

Grooming products: If you have lots of brushes but your pet will only stay still while you use a specific one- get rid of the rest. Perhaps you have an excess of shampoo that you could give to a friend or family member who is looking to buy some for their furry companion. If you know that you won’t use it for years to come if at all- give it to someone who will.

Look closely- even your pets can turn you into a hoarder if you’re not careful!

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