National Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is a day to remember all the pets we have loved and lost. Whether furry, feathered or scaled, our pets feel like one of the family so it’s important to honour the part they played in our lives. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Here are just a few ways we can remember them fondly. 

Look at old photos: Whether that’s in an album, on your phone or in another digital format, if you feel ready, look through them and use them as a means of remembering them at their best, when they were young, healthy and fit. And if there is one you really like…

Frame your favourite picture of your pet: If there is one that stands out that always makes you smile, bring it out of hiding and display it proudly in your home. It can be a talking point for guests or simply something for you to look at proudly when you pass by it. 

Talk about your memories of them with those who knew your pet: All pets have a little personality and will have undoubtedly made you laugh at some point. If their unique character captured the hearts of you and your family, talk about their best bits and their worst if these made you laugh... in the end!  

Visit a pet that belongs to someone else: If you are missing the company of your pet, why not ask if you can walk your friend’s dog? Or cat sit for someone in your family? It may not be the same, but the comfort of having an animal close by might help you to feel a similar companionship again. 

Visit an animal shelter: If you really can’t live without a pet in your home, it might be time to get another. Not to replace the pet you have sadly lost, but to have the joy of a bark or a purr in your home, or the sight of a fluffy animal running around your garden again. A new life might just help you to heal after the loss of your beloved pet. 

Repurpose one of their old belongings: Rather than putting these items away or giving them to someone else who has the same pet, you could take one of their favourite things and make something new out of it. An old blanket could be made into a pillow that you can hold when you miss them most or a sign that was attached to their hutch or house could be displayed in your home so they are always around in spirit if not in body. 

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