Today is National Good Samaritan Day- a day to do something kind for someone in need and show compassion to others- especially strangers. If you’re struggling to think of how to pay it forward today- and indeed other days- here are some suggestions:

National Calendar Day on Female First

National Calendar Day on Female First

Do something for the homeless person you pass every day on your way to work- Give them some money, go to the nearest shop- buy them some food and a drink, take them a blanket or an item of old clothing. Don’t just walk past them.

Offer to pay for someone’s coffee- If your daily habit is to pick up a cup of coffee to help you wake up- why not offer to pay for the person in front of you or the person behind you in the queue?

Volunteer somewhere for the night or the day- If you have the day off or can only spare the evening- go and help someone in need. Pop to your local soup kitchen and help serve up or go to your local community centre and spend some time with the people who frequent it for instance.

Cook an evening meal for someone who lives alone- A neighbour, family member or friend perhaps. Make a little extra, invite this person to your dinner table and feed them some of your delicious home cooked food. It will mean a lot to them to have company for a night.

Spoil your co-workers- All offices light up when there are snacks available so why not pop to the local bakery on your lunch break and pick up some sweet treats so you can all have a brighter afternoon?

Call someone up you haven’t spoken too in a while- You will naturally have a lot to catch up on. It will be a lovely surprise and a compliment to let them know you are thinking of them.

Let someone go ahead of you in the line- If you need to go to a shop today and there is a queue- let someone jump ahead of you- just because you can.

Give your seat up on the train or the bus- Even if the person isn’t pregnant or elderly- give them your seat anyway- most people are grateful of this even if they are physically able to stand.

Take someone who needs it out for a coffee or meal- Perhaps you friend is going through a rough time or a co-worker needs some support. Maybe your partner is having a bad time at work- take them out, treat them to a drink or some hot food and lend them your listening ear.

Donate to a food bank- Look in your cupboards- what do you have too many of? Are there some items you haven’t touched in months but still have a long shelf life left in them? Bag them up and take them to your local food bank. You may not see the person who receives your gift- but you know that it is benefitting someone somewhere in your local area.

Happy National Good Samaritan Day everyone!


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