A robot has committed suicide in South Korea.

A robot has taken its own life in South Korea

A robot has taken its own life in South Korea

The civil servant robot was found unresponsive last week after apparently throwing itself down a flight of stairs at the Gumi city council building.

The robot has been declared defunct by the council after it was discovered smashed up in the stairwell between the first and second floors of the building.

An official said: "Pieces have been collected and will be analysed by the company. (The robot had) helped with daily document deliveries, city promotion, and delivered information (to local residents)."

Another council worker added: "It was officially a part of the city hall, one of us. It worked diligently."

The news has been met with an outpouring of sadness in South Korea - which is one of the most enthusiastic users of robots across the globe.

Gumi city council do not have any plans to adopt a second robot office worker at the moment.