A 'time traveller' has claimed to have revealed the exact day that the Earth will end.



TikTok account @thatonetimetraveller said they have received several questions from people about the apocalypse so decided to disclose the exact day the world will end.

Captions on the social media clip read: "Many want to know when the Earth will end and the date of it.

"The end of Earth is on July 6th 2788, from a gigantic meteoroid."

The user did predict that the human race will have set up homes on both The Moon and Mars before Earth bites the dust.

They added: "However, by that time we have successfully managed to civilize on Mars, the Moon, and many other planets."

However, some followers took a sceptical viewpoint to the predictions.

One responded: "Many dates have passed that you have said something will happen and it has not. Why?"

Lost dog found after five years

Renee Perry, from the US state of Massachusetts, said her pooch Bay had vanished from her home in 2016 but has been located just 10 miles away.

Perry explained that there had been no trace of her missing pet until she received a message last week telling her that Bay had been captured by Missing Dogs Massachusetts.

Volunteers at the organisation told her that a woman reported a dog that was repeatedly visiting her home, with the canine confirmed to be Bay when rescuers scanned the animal.

Perry told WBZ-TV: "I didn't believe it at first. I saw the pictures, and it did look like her but her nose was darker; she just looked heavier; she just looked different."

She explained that Bay was given a clean bill of health by the vet and is settling back in at home.

90-year-old woman is the world's oldest office manager

Yasuko Tamaki works five days a week at Sunco Industries and has been employed by the firm since 1956 and is "truly touched" to have broken the Guinness World Record.

She told officials from Guinness: "All I did was doing what I'm expected to do for 90 years, so I don't know what to say! I am truly touched."

Tamaki admits that her long service with the company has come naturally and says she has no plans to retire, even though she will celebrate her 91st birthday next month.

She explained: "I think it's just an accumulation. I always thought that I was born to be of help to someone. So I want to do things that make the chairman, managers and other staff happy. That remains my lifelong goal.

"Once a year ends, then there is another. So I hope to keep on going like that."

Police chase escaped llama in Salisbury

The escaped animal caused something of a stir in the Wiltshire city with officers Matt Smith and Mark Douglas called out to deal with the 'llama drama'.

The llama was quickly captured and safely returned to its owner by the pair after it had originally been mistaken for an alpaca.

In a Facebook post, Salisbury Police explained: "PC Mark Douglas joined PCSO Smith for patrols of Nomansland Recreation ground following recent reports of ASB.

"Both then responded to deal with an escaped Llama in Teffont. Despite initially being misidentified as an Alpaca, and following a brief pursuit, we're pleased to report the Llama was safely returned to its owner."

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