A mother has been criticised by her husband and family for wanting to call her son Brian.

Would you call your little one Brian?

Would you call your little one Brian?

The pregnant woman revealed that she wanted to name the baby after her late father but revealed that it has caused tension amongst her family as they think the child will be "bullied" because of his "old-fashioned" name.

The unnamed mother-to-be explained on Reddit: "After a few months of dating my boyfriend (who we will call Kyle) we had our first discussion about kids and I told him that a dealbreaker for me was to name my son after my father."

After having a daughter at first, the woman was shocked when her husband backtracked when they found they were having a son.

She wrote on the website: "He said that he thought I was kidding and that we shouldn't name our son Brian.

"He called his family and they are all calling me complaining about the name. They don't care about my dead father's name and they want something that will match my daughter (more modern) or a Jr."

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