Women spend an hour longer doing housework than men every day.

Women do more household chores than men every day

Women do more household chores than men every day

A study from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on how adults in the UK spend their time has revealed that females spend around three and a half hours each day completing household chores compared to men who only do so for two hours and 35 minutes.

The biggest gender imbalance was seen in Yorkshire as women did three hours and 56 minutes of work - a full hour and 21 minutes more than men in the region.

However, men in the West Midlands were at the opposite end of the scale as they toiled around the home for three hours and nine minutes, just 22 minutes less than the fairer sex.

ONS spokesperson Ellys Monahan said: "Today's findings shed light on the large amount of unpaid work adults in the UK do.

"Things like unpaid childcare, cleaning, and cooking adds a lot of value to the country but is not counted by standard economic measures such as GDP.

"This data will help us better understand this contribution."

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