10 Ways to Kill a Cupid

10 Ways to Kill a Cupid

Leigh has a story to tell and despite the absurdity of it, it has to be told before it's forgotten forever.You see Leigh used to be a Cupid. very silly, naive and regretfully bitter Cupid. nd those are traits a Cupid shouldn’t technically possess. When Leigh’s murderer is the next assignment, revenge stands in the way of helping Natalie McIntyre find her perfect partner. That is until the appearance of the blue spark.

10 Ways to Kill a Cupid is a very unexpected read. Not only is it a laugh out loud comedy, but also a good play on the question - what happens after death. If unique and endearing describe Leigh, then sassy and foul mouthed describe Natalie. There are many twists and turns along the way to an end that I didn't see coming. If a comedy with romance and an undercurrent is your thing, then get your copy now.

By Wendy Cartmell


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