Barbie All Dolled Up Celebrating 50 Years Of Barbie

Barbie All Dolled Up Celebrating 50 Years Of Barbie

As the world’s most famous doll celebrates her 50th birthday, this fully illustrated, interactive book commemorates five decades of Barbie history in fabulous style

In the span of fifty short years, Barbie has truly done (and worn) it all. Astronaut, ballet dancer, anchorwoman, fire-fighter, President of the United States... Through Barbie, little girls have long been able to play out their biggest dreams, highest aspirations and greatest style fantasies. In appreciation of the very best memories and style moments, Barbie All Dolled Up presents a kaleidoscope of fashions, friends, accessories and ephemera.

Witness the chic arrival of the "Teenage Fashion Model"... Relive the groovy mod era, the sunny Malibu years, the Totally Hair ‘90s, the midriff-baring of the new millennium, and more. Pull out replicas of rare memorabilia from Mattel’s archives, including designer sketches, vintage booklets, and a 1964 Fan Club card... View the contributions of fashion’s biggest names, including Diane von Furstenburg, Vera Wang and Bob Mackie, and dozens of talented Mattel designers... Read exuberant quotes from mothers, daughters and faithful Barbie collectors... Swoon over the many hunky versions of Ken... For anyone who’s ever loved or lost a tiny plastic shoe, Barbie All Dolled Up is a vibrant, tactile celebration not just of a doll, but of a feeling: the little bit of "Barbie Girl" in all of us.

The Author Jennie D’Amato

Jennie D’Amato is a writer and editor whose byline has appeared in publications including the Sunday Telegraph. Jennie grew up in the UK and now lives in Los Angeles.

What we think

Barbie since her debut in 1959 has spawned a number of books so would this one be any different and outstand, the answer yes,

Though only 127 pages it is a collage of colorful and creatively assembled photo's, Barbie art from her booklets, boxes, tv commercials, dolls, clothing outfits, cases, books, magazine and newspaper articles, and more. Also included are a couple of previously unseen photo's of creator Ruth Handler.

The book also contains a few surprises, just like the gorgeous Treasure Books that include copies of documents or items of interest, just a few items, but they make the book more desireable, since this is a first in a Barbie book and a great touch for a 50th Anniversary.

The extra treasure items include a partial copy of the first booklet, first fan club welcome letter and i.d. card, patent for the first twist doll, Robert Best sketches for his gorgeous Silkstone dolls and a couple more.

This book a pictorial extravegansa it is not a reference book rather 127 pages of a colorful history of Barbie from 1959 to 2009, and is a nice piece of memorabilia.

This said it is a must for any serious Barbie collector, fun interesting and very readable...