Confessions Of A Reluctant Recessionista

Confessions Of A Reluctant Recessionista

Cassie Cavanagh has never minded being 'just a PA'. In fact she’s quite content with her lot. She has a city job she kind of enjoys – after all she is indispensable, you know. She has a boyfriend who showers her with gifts – what more could a girl want? And she earns enough to (just about ) finance the luxuries she’s become used to.

But Cassie hadn’t banked on being made redundant. Nor had she pictured her boyfriend leaving her for an older woman! Nor had she ever imagined needing to take financial advice from her student flatmate.

Reluctant to embrace the art of being thrifty, if Cassie’s going to survive the recession in style, she’s a lot to learn about budgeting. And even more to learn about herself...

The Author

Amy Silver

Amy Silver is a writer and freelance journalist, and has written on everything from the diamond trade to DIY dog grooming. She lives in London and has a penchant for vintage clothes and champagne cocktails, but she always pays her credit card bills on time. This is her first novel.
What we think.. Reality check for the shopaholic in all of us,I could name several of my friends who are living this story. A fun story gentle reading read it and see how many Cassies you know. Joslyn Manners Book Critic