From the authors and creators of ‘The Journey’; the globally recognised institution of cutting-edge transformation and healing work, comes the November launch of a fourth work: ‘Consciousness - The New Currency’; a book timed to perfection for today’s troubled times.

The latest book in The Journey series from Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett, ‘Consciousness - The New Currency’ is essentially a ‘manual’, which will equip readers with the tools to respond constructively to unexpected crises in their lives, and become a positive force for change.

During a period in which the world is in economic upheaval, and people worldwide are suffering both financially and emotionally, the new book offers a way to heal from the past and access and utilise one’s true potential. This is addressed through releasing deep-seated personal limitations and negative blocks, allowing a more vibrant individual to emerge - and thus a way for humanity to progress. Fears are confronted and healthy responses to crises are encouraged through the avoidance of withdrawal and denial from the perceived threats and challenges of daily circumstances.

The process of personal ‘clear-out’ is based on the highly successful method, The Journey, born as a direct result of best-selling author Brandon Bays’ own emotional recovery from a life-threatening tumour in 1992. The Journey’s technique promotes the process of self-healing of the mind, body and spirit, in a way that allows the user to find the potential to resolve their problems, and transform every aspect of their life. Individuals from all backgrounds who seek to face and clear issues that are negatively impacting their lives can turn to The Journey, which provides practical, user-friendly and down-to-earth tools.

The business continues to experience an increase in demand for its services, which include effective ways to combat financial and self-worth issues, depression, relationship problems, obesity, grief, anger, addictions and illnesses.

The authors say: "If humanity is to survive, it will be due to a global shift in consciousness. This new book is a celebration of and a manual for that shift. It is a practical guide that can awaken you to your true potential, allowing you to live gracefully, wholesomely, joyously in abundance even in this challenging era of global uncertainty."

This is an interesting and in some cases enlightening manual for life .. control your destiny must read if you are looking to empower yourself.. Roslyn Manners FemaleFirst