Now 25 years old, Australian Luke Bradbury has quickly established himself as one of London's most successful male escorts, raking in pots of money and as much sex as he can handle.

For Hire

For Hire

But when his friends return to Australia, Luke starts to appraise his situation - how will he explain the gap in his career? And can he keep this up forever... in more ways than one?

Things reach breaking point when Luke's new flatmates unwittingly uncover his secret profession, and worse, reveal it to a potential girlfriend, forcing Luke to take a long hard look at his life as his two identities begin to collide.

Can he relinquish the glamour and wealth of escorting for the chance of a more stable lifestyle? Or does Luke enjoy his job more than he cares to admit - even to himself?

Luke Bradbury was born in a small town in Western Australia. Brought up to enjoy the simple things in life and the outdoors, he decided to come to London after the death of his father.

His many hobbies include Australian Rules Football, swimming, soccer and generally staying in good shape. He now lives back in Australia.

For Hire by Luke Bradbury is the true story of a real-life gigolo and is published by Avon on the 6th August in paperback original £6.99