The Good Life

The Good Life

Welcome to 1970s suburbia for a unique experiment in modern-day self sufficiency.

Giles Coren and Sue Perkins have stepped back in time to 1975, for a four-part BBC 2 series and this accompanying book, to experience The Good Life for themselves.  In homage to Tom and Barbara, an ordinary suburban semi was transformed, and  two pigs, two goats and some chickens purchased. With experts on hand offering advice and guidance, they grow their own veg, bake their own bread and  try their hand at pottery. They customise a rotovator to provide their own transport. And their efforts are rewarded as they dine on their own homemade goats cheese and home grown produce, party on their own pea pod burgundy and step out  in stylish homemade finery.

In this book, find out how Giles and Sue lived The Good Life, and how you can to:
* Build a chicken pen

* Milk a goat

* Keep a pig

* Grow and cook your own veg

* Make your own pots

* Bake your own bread

What we think - A fun yet interesting look at the reality behind the seventies popular comedy of same name that had a pair of high fliers packing in their jobs and turning their Suburbia status symbol into a self sufficient small holding.

Excellent read but I cannot see many bankers ploughing a furrow to self sufficiency Joclyn Manners book critic

The Authors
Now a familiar TV team, Giles Coren and Sue Perkins first appeared together in a TV programme called Edwardian Supersize Me - in which they lived, ate and dressed as Edwardians for a week. It caught the imagination of viewers, and spawned two more entire series where we saw them eating their way through history, from Ancient Rome right up to the 1980s.

When not eating weird and wonderful historical delicacies with Giles, Sue is a comedian, radio and television presenter, actress, and writer. She appears on a range of popular panel and entertainment shows, including Radio 4’s Just a Minute, and BBC TWO’s QI and Have I Got News For You. She also won BBC talent show Maestro in 2008, culminating in her conducting three pieces at Proms in the Park.

Giles is a restaurant critic, newspaper columnist for The Times and Sunday Times and author. As well as writing a column for The Times under the pseudonym ‘Professor Gideon Garter’, which covers topics from his private life to politics.  He became a familiar TV face after he regularly appeared as a correspondent on Gordon Ramsey’s The F-Word in 2005.

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