Lost and Found

Lost and Found

15-year-old Mavis Jackson is devastated when her only ally, her father Ron, moves away to beat his gambling addiction.

Forced to walk the streets in search of junk to sell, the future seems bleak. Until an unexpected fairy godmother arrives - Edith Pugh.

She needs help and Mavis is overjoyed to oblige and be regarded as useful for once. But when the true motives of Edith’s kindness are revealed, Mavis faces a monumental decision, one which could change her life forever.

After being bullied, bribed and betrayed by those closest to her, it’s time for Mavis to take charge of her own life.

Kitty Neale was raised in South London and this working-class area became the inspiration for her novels.

In the 1980s she moved to Surrey with her husband and two children, but in 1998 there was a catalyst in her life when her son died, aged just 27.

After working for 2 years with other bereaved parents in a support group, Kitty took up writing as a form of catharsis, and now lives in Spain with her husband. She is a Sunday Times bestseller.