Mad About The Boy

Mad About The Boy

Adam Olsen has it all- charm, charisma, Number One hits and hordes of adoring fans. He also has a long-term girlfriends who has been with him since his penniless days, searching for fame.

Janey, Sarah and Vara are three of his most devoted fans. Addicted to Adam and his fan site, they think of little else, and as his fame grows their lives become more and more devoted to following him. Proud to have been amongst his earliest fans, they soon start travelling he world to see him perform. Vara, a young single mother, is building up huge debts. Older woman Janey begins to show signs of becoming a serious stalker, while Sarah, happily married and financially secure, sees herself grounded and in control of her behaviour.

The one thing most precious to Adam is his girlfriend- but their relationship is in jeopardy when Adam’s halo slips and his world becomes a downward spiral as he struggles to cope with the consequences of his actions…

After nearly ten years of trying to hit the music scene, Adam has finally done it. He appeared out of nowhere to his fans. Janey, Sarah and Vara believe themselves to be his biggest fans. They eat, sleep and breathe Adam. His song comes on, they stop what they are doing, they even ignore loved ones so they can concentrate on Adam and his fan site. You can feel the rush they feel when they hear his songs, or see him perform. You can almost feel yourself becoming obsessed with Adam through their thoughts. 

But the pressure steps up for his fans once the tour dates are announced. Seeing Adam in the flesh and meeting him after the show, the three ladies become increasingly obsessed with the young pop star; travelling the world to get a glimpse of him on stage, as well as getting Adam Olsen tattoos. As the fans become even more adoring, Clare, Adam’s long term girlfriend is finding it hard to cope with the added attention that her boyfriends is receiving.

But after one drunken night Adam and one lucky fan have to face up to what they have done. Will the other fans forgive her for what she has done? More importantly can Adam’s girlfriend forgive him for what he has done?

Female First
Sage Fitzpatrick

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