Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

When Selma Dixon waves her brothers off to war in 1914, her tears are not only for them but for her secret sweetheart the aristocratic Guy Cantrell.

When Guy returns wounded to his home in Yorkshire and into the arms of Selma, the horrific reality of war is fully realised not just by Selma but by the whole village. Guy’s mother, desperate to protect her son, secretly sends Guy's identical twin brother Angus to fight in his place.

Horrified and knowing his brother was physically unfit to enlist, Guy remains trapped unable to reveal the truth about his identity.

In France, reckless and naïve Angus is bitterly unprepared for war, and when his actions seal not only his fate but that of Selma's brother, Selma and Guy’s lives are changed forever.

With her family name tainted by Angus’s actions, Selma is forced to start a new life in America, while Guy adopts a new identity to hide from the shame his brother has brought to his family.

Far across the Atlantic Ocean, Selma soon loses hope that she will ever see Guy again, until the past comes back to haunt her and the riddle of what happened between her brother and Angus can finally be answered.

Leah Fleming was born in Lancashire of Scottish parents, and is married with four grown-up children and five grandchildren.

She currently writes full-time in a haunted farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales but has in the past taken a gap year for grown-ups on the slopes of an olive grove in Crete.