Secrets & Lies

Secrets & Lies

Anita, Zeba, Bubbles and Sam have a rock solid friendship born out of their years at a private girls’ school in Delhi in the early Nineties.

Beautiful, intelligent and secretive, they were the top clique; the girls that everyone wanted to impress - until the arrival of a newcomer to the school. 15-year-old Lily D'Souza shook up their hierarchy with her stunning beauty and attitude to match.

Twenty years later, Anita, Sam and Bubbles live in London. Bubbles is the pampered but bored wife of a billionaire, Anita is a top journalist working for the BBC, whilst Sam tries hard to be a trophy wife for her corporate lawyer husband.

Zeba remained in India, and now lives a life of unimaginable luxury as the world's reigning Bollywood queen.

Called back to India for a reunion by their beloved school principal, these four women must confront a secret that has haunted their adult lives. Lily D’Souza’s death at their school prom was something they never spoke about. 

But as they reunite in Delhi to find out the truth about what really happened that night, will their friendship stand the strain? Or are some things better left unsaid?

Jaishree Misra was born and educated in India and moved to England in 1990. She is an Indian Bestselling author with four books under her belt.

She has previously worked in special needs, child care, as a broadcast journalist and is currently employed as a film & video examiner at the British Board of Film Classification in London. She is married and has one daughter.