Ex-Navy SEAL Nolan Kilkenny has just begun work at his father's online research facility, MARC, when two high-level hackers steal a CIA device called Spyder and turn it loose on MARC in a test of its strength.

Spyder is the ultimate hacking program, with the ability to sniff out every byte of supposedly classified data on the internet and make it public - creating a potential threat to world order as well as a financial disaster for Kilkenny. So this time it’s personal.

Using his old SEAL killing skills and his recently acquired cyber snooping abilities, Nolan sets about solving both problems at once.

In a duel of nerves, courage, and skill, he goes up against deadly covert agents and a network of intrigue that stretches from the Caribbean to China.

Here Kilkenny’s enemies have carefully targeted him to die for a weapon that isn’t a bomb, isn’t a missile, but is the greatest threat America has ever known.

Tom Grace was born, raised, and still lives in Michigan. He studied architecture at the University of Michigan, where he developed his strict eye for detail.

His superior knowledge of technology has found its way into his writing and has earned him tremendous acclaim as a result. 

Tom Grace lives with his wife, five children and a yellow Labrador. His interests are architecture and current affairs; he also enjoys scuba diving, martial arts and running marathons.