Star Struck

Star Struck

Star Struck by Anne-Marie O'Connor

All Catherine wants to do is sing,but a TV show is about to make her a star . . .

Catherine Reilly is 24, single and still lives at home with her dad and two of her sisters. The only thing Catherine’s ever been any good at is singing, but she has no connections, low confidence and isn’t exactly glamorous. However, when she sees a TV ad for the latest series of Star Maker - the biggest talent show on national television she decides to enter . . .

Catherine now has the best voice coach in the business, a team of sadistic trainers and stylists and the world’s number one music mogul on her side . . .

Can an ordinary girl's dreams really come true?

In our opinion

Compelling and very touching glimpse into the world of tv talent shows. Idol & X Factor fans will love this amusing tale of one girl's quest to be the next Mariah Carey Absolutely brilliant!

The Author

Anne-Marie O'Connor

Anne- Marie was born in Bradford to Irish parents. She has written plays for theatre, radio and television. She now lives in Manchester with her partner and baby.