In the snow, death is not the coldest thing waiting for you

In the snow, death is not the coldest thing waiting for you


A little girl is then taken from the village and it is up to Luka and his sons to find her and bring her home. But the little girl is just part of a twisted game and instead of hunting for the person that took her, it is Luka and his sons that become the hunted.


This book is chilling, captivating and has twists and turns the whole way along. It keeps you on the edge of your seat.


The characters are so believable and the settings so well described, that you can pictures yourself watching from the sidelines. You feel the tension and fear and you are touched by the sorrow and pain.


The old age story of Good vs Evil is highlighted over and over in this book along with issues of mistrust and a burning desire to protect ones family. Dan Smith toys with the idea that sometimes events in a person’s life can send them onto the wrong path and evaluates how doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest option.


The ending was masterfully put together after the final twist so you can create the ultimate ending in your own mind.


This book deserves a nine out of ten.


FemaleFirst Emma Chaplin

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