The Jewel Box

The Jewel Box

The story of Grace Rutherford lives an enviable and glamorous life, she is the one and only Diamond Sharp, the "it" girl of 1920s London, Her weekly newspaper column delights readers with tales of her nightly escapades - the dinners, the dancing, the fashion, the men.

What people don't know about Grace is that she is living a double life, by day Grace Rutherford advertising executive a career woman struggling to make it in the man's world of commerce, yet by night she is 'Diamond Sharp.

Diamond by contrast is a gossip columnist extraodinaire and the lady all women aspire to be

Enter Dexter O'Connell - Caught up in the glitz and glamour of the period, Grace begins a passionate affair with charming, flirtatious American author O'Connell. But all to soon, though, she falls for John Cramer, the charismatic neighbor her widowed younger sister adores.

Irresistibly drawn to both men, Grace discovers they are bitter enemies and finds herself tangled up in the mesh of secrets and lies that binds them together.

Which man, if either, can she trust?

What we think: This Anna Davis' The Jewel Box drops the reader into luxrurious and scandalous lifestyles of the spoilt rich, add to that the odd fetish, and love rivals that are sworn enemies and the stage is set for a book that you will adore. Desire desperation and too many secrets will pull you into this enthralling period piece - Joslyn Manners Book Critic FemaleFirst.

What others say - What a book be prepared to be plunged into the obscenely-rich, scandal spiked intrigue laced world of 1920's Paris . Luxurious and edged with peril, like slipping on a pair of walkable Manolos