The Kingdom Of Childhood

The Kingdom Of Childhood

You’ve fallen for your son’s best friend. You are a teacher. You are abusing your power, your responsibility…your student. You know it’s wrong but you cannot stop. A love story. A horror story. Innocence, forbidden, obsession.

Judy McFarland is a teacher at Waldorf Kindergarten, in Maryland. Her dream had always been to have two successful children and to have a happy marriage to her husband. But life was not as Judy had dreamed it. Her children were grown up now and distant and her husband lost in his bid to get a PHD.

Zach Patterson is a new student at Waldorf school. He begins to fit in well at school and becomes friends with Judy’s son Scott. Like any 16 year old boy he is emotional, curios and beginning to become interested in women.

This book becomes shocking when one day Zach and Judy share a private moment, which changes both their lives forever. As their relationship becomes more and more heated you are left bewildered that a teacher, who is trusted to not abuse her power, does exactly that and begins an affair with a student. Zach enters a new world, that only a short time ago, he dreamed to be part of. And Judy begins to lie and deceive the people that she loves, at the expense of her family and career.

But things soon turn sour for Zach; inexperienced and scared he doesn’t know how to end it with Judy. Her behaviour is becoming more and more erratic and she leans on him more and more, despite his obvious un-happiness with their relationship. But once people begin to uncover their secret Zach find the courage to end it. The build up to this moment is tense and you begin to worry about Judy’s rapidly deteriorating change of mind.

Female First
Sage Fitzpatrick

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