The Lost Guide to Life and Love

The Lost Guide to Life and Love

When down to earth food writer Tilly Flint plans a working week away in the Pennines with journalist boyfriend Jake, the last thing she expects is to end up living on the moor on her own. 

Terrified yet strangely exhilarated as she watches Jake drive away, she decides it’s a chance to investigate the area on her own. 

Down in the local pub trying to get mobile reception, Tilly has a chance encounter with celebrity footballer Clayton Silver.

Her no-nonsense attitude to footballers and celebrities soon melts and she finds herself very much won over by Clayton’s charms even if she’s never going to see him again.

Back in the cottage on the moors Tilly discovers she once had family in the area and unearths a host of family secrets.

As she wanders the local fells she falls in love with the bleak landscape. She soon discovers she’s not the only one spending time in the dales as she bumps into Clayton Silver in the middle of nowhere.

This time she’s totally swept off her feet into a world of celebrity parties and glamour.  But does she need a reality check or is the country’s flashiest footballer really falling for her? 

And what would her great-grandmother, whose ghost is ever present on the moors have made of it all?

Sharon Griffiths is a full time journalist who writes five syndicated newspaper columns a week.  Sharon feels very privileged to be paid to have opinions, and reckons it’s not a bad way to earn a living.

With her first novel set to be turned into a major television series by the makers of Friends, her second book, The Lost Guide to Life and Love is set for the bestseller charts.