The Prodigal Sister

The Prodigal Sister

New Zealand sets the scene for a turbulent reunion of four orphaned sisters. Drawn from their native Ireland to the wedding of their prodigal sister Cathy; Rebecca, Julie and Lauren intrepidly make the journey to the land of the long white cloud.

Engaged and with a 16 year old son, Cathy Lambert wants to reconnect with the three sisters who took on the roles of parent and guardian when their parents’ died. For the eldest Lambert sister, Rebecca, the journey to New Zealand marks the end of 16 years of searching for her lost sister and hoping for her return.

Lauren the most beautiful of the sisters is looking for an escape from her suffocating marriage and her visit to New Zealand sparks a frantic love affair that widens the cracks in her marriage.

For Julie the trip to New Zealand is a chance to taste the freedom that she has long since forgotten as a model wife and mother of three.

Drawing them to New Zealand is their rebellious sister Cathy, the prodigal sister who has her fair share of secrets to keep.

Laura Elliot, writing under her own name, June Considine, is a an author of fourteen novels for children and adults.

Her twelve books for children include the Luvender trilogy, View from a Blind Bridge, The Glass Triangle and the seven-book Beachwood series. Her adult novels include When the Bough Breaks and Deceptions.

Her short stories have appeared in a number of anthologies, and featured on RTE’s Fiction 15 radio programme.

She has also worked as a journalist and magazine editor, and contributes features and short stories to radio. The Prodigal Sister is her first book to appear under her pseudonym, Laura Elliot. 

The Prodigal Sister by Laura Elliot is published by Avon, £6.99